Does the Venus Factor diet plan work or is it just another lie to take your money?

gfffI want to start mentioning that this is not a paid review, I’m under no way affiliated with John Barban (the author of the program) or with the company selling the product.

Instead, it is just my honest opinion, as a fitness instructor, from reading the program specifics, but, more important from observing how it worked on my clients.

Does the Venus Factor Diet plan work?

The Venus Factor Diet doesn’t represent any magic solution to weight loss (but, if you ask me, there really aren’t ANY magical solutions out there), so it will only work if you really have the desire to lose weight and the dedication and will power to really follow it. What I can tell though is that it really has the potential to work, since it is not focused on a single “magic” bullet (although it actually also have one such bullet about which I’ll talk a bit later), but instead it includes a lot of healthy principles (like the well known “eat less, move more”) which stood the test of time and which are part of any successful weight loss strategies.

Actually, while it is marketed as a diet plan and it is clearly delimited to a 12 weeks period, I wouldn’t really call it a diet plan, but more like an approach to a healthier lifestyle and I would see the 12 weeks period as a time to let us develop some healthier, new habits.

Why does the Venus Factor Diet plan work better than other plans?

As I already said, most diet plans that actually work follow just a few general principles that proved their effectiveness and stood the test of time. Venus Factor Diet also use these as the foundation on which it was build, but it also innovates with it approach towards re-balancing the hormones responsible for appetite and weight gain. John Barban, the creator of Venus Factor Diet, understands better than any other author that as a woman body ages or as she gets pregnant and have kids, her hormones start to grow more and more out of balance, ultimately leading to weight gain.

That’s why one of the key concepts of the program is that of reversing the Leptin (a hormone responsible with fat burning) resistance through a combination of dieting and exercising leading to what he calls the Metabolic Override effect.

Why does the Venus Factor Diet plan work better than any other plans?

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that that Venus Factor Diet plan works better than any other plans. As already said, it does work, it includes all the basic weight loss principles, it adds its innovation, but that’s it – by no means, it isn’t a magic solution and there are also other diet programs that could work equally good. But what makes the Venus program special is the fact that it has all the information included in a single place and wrote in an easy to read and easy to understand format.

You no longer need to visit a nutritionist for a customized diet plan, you no longer need to go to the local gym to have a trainer supervising your workouts (although I still recommend you do it, or I’ll be out of a job soon) and you no longer need to do tons of math, manually calculating the calories of all your meals.

Instead, all you have to do is to follow a step by step guide, that teaches you all you have to do, so at the program you will not only weight 12 to 24 pounds less (that’s my estimation based on observing my clients, not the official number from their site), but you will also have the knowledge and habits to keep that weight off or, why not, continue to lose more.