Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone Supplements


The human body is designed to produce hormones which help in the regulation of the body functions. Different hormones are produced at different parts of the body, but they work in harmony to ensure the well-being of the body. Among the hormones produced is the HGH. It has various functions among them regulating fluids in the body, promoting the growth of babies among other functions. However, the hormone can be dispensed in the form of supplements by professionals. Article on best hgh supplements by Fitness-To-Go can be read online. Some of the benefits of the human growth hormone are;

Benefits of human growth hormone supplements

Increases muscle strength

fdgdfgfdgfdgdggThe HGH improves the overall physical capacity of a person. It does this by the stimulation of synthesis of collagen in the human skeletal muscles and the tendons as well. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the muscle strength which leads to improved exercise performance.

Faster healing of fractures

Several factors are responsible for the regulation of bones and minerals metabolism together with the healing of fractures. Administration of the HGH has been able to accelerate the regeneration process of bones making it an essential hormone to promote healing of the bone in the case of fractures. The hormone is also responsible for repairing the wear and tear hence speeds up the healing process.

Helps in weight loss

This HGH speeds up lipolysis which is the breaking down of lipids which include hydrolyzing triglycerides to free fatty acids and glycerol. Not having enough of this hormone adversely affects this whole process of lipolysis which leads to obesity. Obesity may cause insulin resistance. When the HGH supplements are administered, they result in improvement in the insulin sensitivity and reduced blood pressure and also a decrease in visceral tissue which helps in the treatment of obesity naturally.

Enhances strong bones

Stimulation of the pituitary gland facilitates releasing the growth hormone more so during the puberty stage. The HGH helps in the production of IGF-1 which is produced in the liver and is then released into the blood stream. This HGH and IGF-1 leads to stimulation of bone forming and resorbing cells which cause an increase in the bone mass.

Lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases

fdgdfgdfgdgfdgfdHaving a deficiency of the HGH increases one’s chances of getting a cardio disease leading to a decrease in their life expectancy. Patients having a lower HGH had high concentrations of triglyceride and very high body mass. This is most likely caused by metabolism of lipoprotein being altered by this deficiency hence increases the likelihood of getting a cardiovascular disease.

Improves ED

The HGH is responsible for sexual maturity and the reproduction function in males. Having a deficiency of this hormone leads to loss of sexual desire and loss of erection as well. Administration of this hormone has an effect on the corpus muscle which helps in healing of impotence.

This hormone helps in the psychological health of a patient. It also improves the cognitive function and concentration of the patient.