Sleep apnea is a condition that affects your breathing when you are asleep. The condition can be treated but when untreated your breathing becomes very shallow or briefly interrupted during sleep. The condition leads to a chronic sleep deprivation problem that has adverse effects such as slow reflexes, daytime sleepiness, and poor concentration. The condition subjects you to a longer time of light sleep and a shorter time of deep sleep hence you need restorative sleep that will ensure you are mentally sharp, energetic and productive in the day. The primary goal of sleep apnea treatment is to open your airway adequately to enable you to breathe better during the night.

Here are top five sleep apnea aids

Oral appliance

The oral appliance is designed to keep your jaw forward and prevent your soft tissues from blocking the back of your throat to allow you to breathe well. You only have to wear the mouthpiece when you are going to bed during the night. The oral appliance comes with a dental impression kit that customizes it.

Nasal Strips

The nasal strips are known to be the most affordable options that will help you combat sleep apnea. You are expected to peel the strips backing off and then place them on your nose to help keep your airways open. It is recommended to wash the skin on your nose and dry it so that the adhesive will stick well because they don’t stick well when the skin is wet or oily. The strips should remain on your nose until morning.

Sleep Apnea Pillow

wsdzxcvbThe sleep apnea pillow is designed to prevent you from rolling on your back hence enables you to breathe heavily as well as allow your tongue to fall back and obstruct your throat. The pillow pulls your jaw forward and encourages you to rest on one side.


The humidifiers are used in combination with other sleep apnea aid because they help in returning moisture to the air. The air then prevents your mouth from drying and nasal congestion that always cause snoring. You are advised to use your humidifier with distilled water and then change the filter regularly to prevent molds and bacteria from growing.

CPAP Machine

The device is used during the night where you are expected to wear a mask that will push air into your body hence will always keep your airway clear and open. You should consider looking for a system that has a well-fitting mask regardless of whether it covers your mouth and nose or the nose alone.