Manchester Assertive Outreach

Introduction to Manchester Assertive Outreach

Manchester Assertive Outreach is a partnership between Manchester Mind and Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust to provide a 365-days-a-year assertive outreach service to up to 308 Manchester residents. Manchester MInd is sub-contracted by MMHSCT for the provision of key staff into the service including social workers, housing and welfare rights workers, Support Time and Recovery (STAR) Workers and administrative staff. Manchester Mind staff work alongside Trust staff in the delivery of the service. There are 3 teams covering the whole of the city and Manchester MInd employs the team manager for the Central team.

Manchester Assertive Outreach works with people with severe and enduring mental health needs, a history of frequent or lengthy admissions to psychiatric wards, difficulty maintaining consenting engagement with services, and complex needs, including homelessness, substance misuse and offending.

We operate to the recovery-focused model of assertive outreach, which was partly developed as a result of the practice of the team. This incorporates the voluntary sector emphasis on social inclusion, engagement and rapport building skills and the skilled interventions and specialist treatment available from the statutory sector and makes them available to service users from a single service.

For more information about our referral criteria and the kinds of interventions we can offer, please see the section 'About Us'.

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Manchester Assertive Outreach