Mental Health First Aid

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If you are interested in attending one of our courses please call or email for details of our next course(s):    or    (0161) 226 9907

We run open access and in-house courses. Prices are available upon request.

We hope to be able to provide a number of subsidised places for volunteers and service users, please contact us in order to check availability. Venue and buffet lunch will be provided.


Who should take the training course?

As one in four of us is likely to experience some form of mental health problem in any year, everyone could benefit from this training.

However, there might be some key groups who would particularly benefit from this training including groups who work in:

- Ambulance service

- Police force

- Prison service

- Job centre plus

- Primary health and social care

- Higher education

- Support workers

- Voluntary and community groups

- Managers , particularly those with HR responsibilities or those with large supervisory workloads.


Where are we up to with training?

Since October 2009 we have delivered 4 open access courses and 2 in-house courses, to a wide variety of people from service users and volunteers to workers from both statutory and voluntary sector organisations.  We have had a very positive response and some of the comments can be seen below:

"some excellent information.  Raised a lot of questions for me in terms of current mental health provision."

I will… " implement this in my work through assessments and look more at holistic support not just at a medical model."

I will …."review how I support vulnerable people and be implementing changes."

The video clips were "useful as a tool, it gathered the information and presented it in real life."

"really useful sessions, good and really thought provoking."

"re-educated me about mental health problems and this will help me in my role."

Mental Health First Aid