What kind of a field hockey stick is best for you?



Finding a good field hockey stick is not an overly complex task, but it still requires a bit of patience and research. Most novice field hockey players wonder what makes a good field hockey stick. Well, there is not a strict answer to that question because it mainly depends on personal preferences.

Choosing the perfect field hockey stick usually depends on personal needs and requirements. If you are currently on the lookout for an appropriate stick, start, for example, by trying out your friend’s hockey stick, so as to get a better feel for the ones you will find in sport equipment stores. If you still have doubts after that, try following these guidelines, which will help you find the best stick.

The basics

22jcjhLet’s start with the basics. First of all, you should know that there are no left-handed field hockey sticks. Next, a standard stick features a toe, which is the bottom of the stick, and which has a flat surface that faces the left and a rounded edge that faces the right. To hit the ball, you use the flat surface. You control the stick with your right hand, which needs to be placed at the grip’s base. You use your left hand to turn the stick and it should be positioned at the top of the stick.

Weight and positions

The majority of field hockey players prefer to use medium-weight sticks. However, players, who play at forwarding positions, usually use light-weight sticks for enhanced control and maneuverability. Defenders, on the other hand, mainly use heavy sticks, which produce much more power when hitting the ball. Lastly, midfielders prefer to use medium sticks, since they combine the power of heavy sticks and maneuverability of light sticks.

If you are a novice, it would be best to start off with a medium-weight stick, as it can suit you well at any position and provide you with the best mix of power and control.

Stick materials

Not too long ago, the majority of field hockey sticks were made out of wood. Nowadays, they are still used in great numbers. Most of them are made of hickory or mulberry. Modern field hockey sticks are primarily made of fiberglass and composite materials. These are mainly used at World Championship and Olympic competitions, as well as collegiate and high school levels. The sticks made of composite materials produce more power when hitting the ball, and provide enhanced durability and flexibility.

Again, if you are a novice, start by using a wooden stick, as it can easily absorb the shock and provide you with the necessary flexibility. Once you have acquired some experience and skills, switch to composite sticks, which are stiffer and provide increased power. If you plan on advancing your career, make sure to keep using composite sticks, as they will last you much longer and help you produce much more power on every hit.

Stick length

33mjsfhiYour height should dictate the length of your stick. When looking for one, you need to focus your search on the longest possible sticks that you can comfortably handle. The longer your stick is, the longer your reach will be, thus giving you an advantage over the opposing players. The shortest sticks are usually around 26-inch, and they are mainly for kids or shorter players. For taller or experienced players, the most comfortable sticks are mostly around 38 inches in length.

By following these small guidelines, you will have no problems finding a stick that will perfectly fit your position, experience level, style of play and size.