4 Foods That Help Beat Depression

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Depression is the state of feeling sad and without any hope. Depending on the type and duration of your condition, depression can turn out to be a very serious mental illness that can even last for years. I want to show you four different foods that help beat depression that you can include in your diet to help you improve the quality of your mood and improve the effectiveness of your medication if you are using an anti-depressant.

Additionally, by incorporating these foods and other healthy practices into your life, you might one day be able to come of your medications but of course with the supervision of your doctor.

Below are some foods that help beat depression

Nuts and seeds


Nuts and seeds contain amino acids that are necessary for the building of nerves and neurons transmitters. They also contain B vitamin with are necessary for a healthy brain. One nut in particular that I want you to pay attention to are cashews nuts. They are a nice source of B vitamin and carbohydrates. Statistics show that people who are affected by depression lack vitamin B. also include organic black beans to your diet.

Dark green leafy vegetables

Spinach or any other dark green leafy vegetable can be great for depression. Spinach contains folic acid that helps to nourish and support your brain. Spinach also has carbohydrate which is essential for your brain to function well. Additionally, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale have great detoxification properties that play a huge role in the function and integrity of the brain. Including these vegetables will help the brain respond more proficiently and effectively

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are mostly found in fish and precisely the Sardines and Wild Alaskan Salmon. If you are a vegetarian, and you don’t like fish, or you rather choose another source of omega three fatty acid you can use flax seed oil.

Be sure to choose Sardines or Wild Alaska Salmon since other fish might contain contaminants that may offset the benefits. Having at least 3-4 Alaskan Salmons every week will help generate an adequate amount of omega three fatty acids that will help beat depression.

Yams and root vegetables


Yams have antioxidants that not only benefit your brain but your body in general. They are a source of B vitamins and they also contain a good amount of magnesium. Magnesium is necessary to help calm you down so if your depression is associated with anxiety; including magnesium in your diet can also help reduce depression.